be fearlessly authentic

Sharing the things I love, and moments I crave, bring an overwhelming sense of warmth to my heart.

Like holding a child's hand while strolling in the Summer breeze to our favorite local icecream shop. Or the way my husband looks at me, with his piercing green eyes and sly smile when I've done something more blonde than the average. How about holding my babe with tired Mama arms... knowing theres no better place for her litle heart to rest.

Life is filled with all of these heartstring moments... the exclusive memories, unique to each individual. Now think hard, and long about what moments you love.

I promise to capture those.

Memories you want your children to cherish, or the way your partners gentle demeanor fills a room. Tender touches, silly shenanigans, and concerned cries.

I want you to know seemingly ordinary tasks are extraordinary, when writing the story of your life for future generations. Step back and truly see your soul for all that you are... which is exactly how I see your journey through my lens.

Let me see your heart & dare me to document it. Just then a moment in your life will be as tangible as the chocolate you eat, or the friends you hug - but etched in this world forever.

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